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  • Students $2.50
  • Seniors $2.50
  • Children (5 and up) $2.50


  • Adults $15.00
  • Students $7.50
  • Seniors $7.50
  • Children (5 and up) $5.00

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Location and contact

Plaza de la Independencia, Calle 5a Este.

Phone: (507) 211-1649 / 211-1650 / 211-1994 / 211-1995

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Interoceanic Canal Museum

Let yourself go through this great journey. We can guarantee you’ll enjoy every second and you will be amazed by everything the Canal has, making you a witness of this incredible story.

The Story

The building that houses the Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum was built in 1874, like the Grand Hôtel by Alsatian George Loew. It was later bought by Count Ferdinand de Lesseps to install the offices of the Universal Company of the Interoceanic Canal; The New Canal Company operated here and was later sold to the United States along with the concession for the construction of the Panama Canal. In 1915, it was purchased by Dr. Belisario Porras, President of Panama, and ministerial offices were installed. It was the headquarters of the Posts and Telegraphs and at the entrance of the building you can see the mosaics with this name. In 1996, the Canal Museum Board of Trustees rehabilitated the building to inaugurate the Panama Interoceanic Canal Museum in 1997.


The Panamanian area of Casco Antiguo has the honor of housing this building, which has eleven exhibition rooms that have an audio guide system, which has accompanied you from the beginning of this, the story of one of the greatest engineering feats of all time, going through its many changes including the French efforts and its building by the United States. You will experience the life that Americans adopted as citizens of the Canal Zone, as well as the direction that the North American country gave to this great system.

Exhibición room

By the end of the tour you will find the exhibit of the transfer of the Canal between the United States and Panama, thus consummating the effort of an entire country that sought to have complete sovereignty within their territory, you will find unique pieces of history, as well as the Torrijos-Carter treaty.