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Free admission for children under 6 years old.

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Calle Golf, Colón.

+507 276-8431

Information and contact

Agua Clara Visitor Center


Located on the Atlantic side, near Colon City, the Agua Clara Visitor Center is a place where the Panama Canal has made it clear that both its legacy and its grandeur will continue to bear fruit for the world.

The tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours

Panoramic view

With an unparalleled view, this place is waiting for you and all those who want to enjoy a pleasant experience enriched with interesting facts, but especially by being part of the history of the route that unites the world.

The center offers a breathtaking panoramic view that contrasts two particular scenarios that generate mixed feelings. On one side you will find the famous Gatun Lake, where cargo ships or other vessels transit every day, while on the other side, but from a different perspective, you will be amazed by the view of the expansion works. Beyond its surprising technology or colossal machinery, you will be astonished by the work of thousands of people, who with discipline and determination head towards the same goal to make Panama stronger and Panamá worthy of admiration.


After the impressive viewpoint, pamper yourself and be captivated by all those things that the Agua Clara visitor center has to offer. At the projection room you can learn about the history and efforts of thousands of men and women that have marked the Canal’s first century and, of course, plans in the near and distant future. Throughout your visit, watch for the walls and exhibits with interesting information that will amaze you.

Walk through the country path, where you will have an exclusive view of the expanded Panama Canal operations. Let yourself be amazed with the magnitude of the ships transiting Agua Clara locks and live the experience as if you were in the Control Tower.