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Central Avenue and 2nd Street, Santiago de Veraguas.

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Panama Canal Interactive Center


Santiago, Veraguas

Built in the 1930s, the building that housed the former office of the Governor of Santiago, houses today the Panama Canal Interactive Center, a new landmark for visitors leaving Panama City.

In this center, visitors are able to experience first-hand through interactive displays and simulations the operations, history and biodiversity of the waterway.

The building

Built in 1936 with surplus material left after the construction of the Escuela Normal Juan Demóstenes Arosemena, this building housed the offices of the Governor of Santiago, and most recently the Sanitation Unit.

Inside the Interactive Center

Inside the Interactive Center, visitors can learn about:

Formation of the Isthmus of Panama and History of the Panama Canal

Visitors will be able to manipulate sand on a map that allows them to mold the terrain and recreate geological phenomena.

A projection on a model of the country explains the most important events in the history of Panama and the Canal.

Water and Biodiversity

A three-dimensional model of the water-saving basins used in the Expanded Panama Canal.

An interactive display where users can recreate the journey of migratory animals that moved between North and South America through the Isthmus of Panama.


The theater offers an animated audiovisual experience on the history of the Canal.

Canal Operations

Visitor will have the opportunity to experience a transit through a simulation on a ship that makes the journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

They may also experience what a day in the Canal would be like through different roles within the organization.

An interactive cube projects project images related to the construction and operation of the Canal.

Important Facts

Open Tuesday to Sunday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Central Avenue and 2nd Street, Santiago de Veraguas.