Sites of interest

Miraflores Visitor Center – temporarily closed

The Miraflores Visitor Center is a space where you can live a unique Panama Canal experience. In one place you will find different activities to learn and fully enjoy the Panama Canal.

Exhibition Halls

Four exhibition halls portray the Canal's history, biodiversity, and its functioning and international importance in a dynamic and especially attractive manner.

Terraces and Observation Decks

Do you want to see how the ships transit through the Panama Canal locks? The building has three levels for observing the Canal's operation, the passage of ships through the locks and how they move. It is the ideal place to take pictures and to hold memories of this engineering marvel.

Biosecurity Measures

Estamos por regresar pronto para conectar contigo, desde el sitio que conecta el mundo. Dentro de poco les estaremos anunciando cuando estaremos abriendo al público con todas las medidas de bioseguridad para que puedan disfrutar de nuestros recorridos y experimentes el Canal de primera mano acompañado de sus familiares y amigos.

The Gift Shop

A good way to show your friends that you were at the Panama Canal is to visit the gift shop located on the ground floor of the Miraflores Visitor Center. It offers a variety of items and accessories to choose what you may like best.

The tour lasts about 2 hours